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Monday webinars are at 4pm EDT and Wednesday webinars are at 1pm EDT.

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June 15 & June 17


Helping your students get their loans out of delinquency and default


It’s easy to refer your students to their loan servicer. But do you really know what happens after they leave your office? When they make that call? Most students don’t know what a servicer is. In this workshop, we will discuss the basic assistance that every counselor should be able to provide their students, including informing students how to advocate for themselves, providing options for rehabilitation and supplying the necessary documentation.


June 22 & June 24


Let’s talk student loan forgiveness


In this workshop, we will discuss the Stafford Loan Forgiveness for Teachers and Public Service Loan Forgiveness programs. We will review employment requirements, activities that can aid in reducing debt, qualified repayment plans, monthly payments and resources for the student borrower.


June 29 & July1


Are you lying to yourself about your finances?


Are you lying to yourself about your finances? Don’t be so quick to answer that question. You may never reach your full financial potential if you’re not honest with yourself about your finances. How about we examine the different ways you may be lying to yourself and then we can revisit the question.


July 13 & July 15


College campuses: The new playground for cyber criminals


Every day it seems there are new reports in the media involving data breaches at some of the most recognizable and trusted companies in America. Identity theft touches everyone and costs consumers billions of dollars each year. Increasingly, students are becoming the target of choice among cyber criminals and account for nearly one quarter of all new identity theft complaints. In this session, we will focus on the methods thieves are using to obtain personal information. We will also discuss ways you can assist students in identifying when they have become a victim of identity theft. Additionally, we will review some of the tools students can use to help them fix the problem and how they can protect themselves from these cunning criminals in the future.


July 27 & July 29


Why financial literacy should matter to schools


Are you taking financial literacy seriously enough? In this workshop we will review how financial literacy affects retention rates, how to start a program, how to energize a program already in place and how to identify high-risk students to provide additional resources. We will also discuss the use of media (online, print, social media).




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