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August 6 – Identity theft: What your students need to know

Identity theft remains the number one consumer complaint in America and it affects thousands of people’s lives every day. Students are often victims and the methods for stealing their identities are changing. How can your students safeguard against this? How is social media making them vulnerable? In this webinar, you will learn ways to help your students protect themselves and the tools and methods available to help them avoid being victimized.

August 11 and 13 – New financial literacy ideas and events to launch this fall

Simple ideas, easy planning, BIG results! In this new and practical webinar, hear about ideas and events you can use to launch your financial literacy initiatives this fall. Additionally, hear ideas that were discussed this year on previous calls and what’s working for administrators at other campuses.

August 18 and August 20 – Importance of financial literacy for NEW incoming students

New students…fresh minds! Join us as we discuss how to introduce your new students to the importance of financial literacy. Learn what areas you should discuss from day one, including college budgeting, wants vs. needs, student loan basics, and what support and resources you will offer new students as they begin college life.

August 25 and 27 – Behavioral finance

Money behavior is frequently influenced by feelings. Whether we tend to shop when we’re feeling blue or spend more during high-stress times, emotions often drive impulse purchases. Join us as we explore our money personalities and discover how to use behavior positively. This is a fun and great presentation to share with your students as they return to school!

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